The study of the physical universe and its entities within a single and general framework.

The main mathematical tools of this study are Riemann Zeta Function, Monster group, Random matrices, Chaos theory, and Clifford Algebra. 

In addition, Principle of Least Action, symmetry and spontaneous symmetry breaking, and Equilibrium State of Maximum Entropy play important roles in the formalism of this study. The central theme in the mathematical formalism is the Riemann Zeta Zeros. A finite set of these zeros is used to study any entity, large or small, living or inanimate, in either three realms of quantum, classical, and relativity, in terms of its distinct physical specifications, e.g. eigenvalues.

Its context-based framework is complementary to that of the content base framework employed by all fundamental theories of physics.

The findings are applied to living entities and a context-based biology is devised that defines health and diseased states in terms of Zeta Zeros. A therapeutic system is introduced accordingly.